August, September, 2020 [Fishing: Black Bass] Kayak Fishing @Lake Mishima

I went kayak fishing in Lake Mishima on August 12 and September 21.
I didn’t have a keel last time, so this time I didn’t forget to put it on and brought an anchor made of chain.
I was wondering how the keel would work.

First of all, the effect of the keel is quite big.
Last time, when I stopped paddling, it changed the direction immediately after going straight, but the keel makes the boat go straight for a while.
The keel makes it easy to fish while paddling.

I tried to use the anchor at a critical point, but it is also very effective.
With one 1m chain, the anchor will drift away, but with two chains, the anchor stays in place.
It is convenient because you can move a little bit with the anchor down.
An improvement is the reeling of the rope.
The rope will be out for several meters, so it will get tangled if not handled well.

As for the fishing, I only had baby bass playing with me both times, but I’m still in the fun stage of kayaking, so no prob.
My recent favorite lure is the OSP HP Bug.
It’s an insect lure to be used by sinking it into the water, but if I use it with an offset hook, it has a very good hook hold and can be used even after catching one fish.

A flat-sized but very beautiful bass.

The orange color looks great on the green.
This is a kayak called Memba of Aqua Marina.

It’s a nice feeling just being anchored off Dream Island.

I’m getting used to the kayak and I’m starting to want to raise the seat, though not quite standing up.
It comes to my back quite a bit, so…
I’m not sure if I should add a side float.