February 1, 2020 [Camp:Tent] How to set up “Robens Green Cone”

Robens Green Cone is a one pole tipi tent.

Although this was my first tipi tent, I was looking for a tipi made of nylon instead of cotton because it was easy to care for.

We considered various things such as LOGOS, CAPTAIN STAGS, and DODs, but the key point was a feeling of size and color that were not too large.
The size is just right for up to three adults. I also liked the space at the entrance.
I liked the color of the logos light green I used before, so I liked the green color up to the 2018 model, but the color of the 2019 model can be cool.

I did not understand how to set up well in the attached manual, so I uploaded the video when it was actually set up to Youtube.
I think that the image of the tent will be transmitted somehow, so just for reference.

In the new state, the shell and inner are separated, so I did not know which one to put first, so I put the inner first, but it seems safe to put the shell first and then attach the inner.

Also, if you do not hit two pegs at the shell entrance, the pole will not stand alone. Well, it’s not a big tent, so I think you can put it up in the end.

Aluminum pegs are included as standard, but I purchased V-STAKE and ULTRALIGHT STAKE pegs that were sold separately, so I posted their introduction on Youtube.
I haven’t been able to put it in yet.

The situation when I went to the Auto Campers Area NARAMATA.