September 27, 2020【Fishing: Black Bass】Kokai River

After a long time, we went fishing on the Kokai River.
I hadn’t gone fishing with my friends in a long time.

We were worried about the muddy water because it had rained the day before, but it didn’t rain so much and the river was calm.
But it didn’t rain so much and the river was calm.

I put on my favorite stray mouse and we started!

… It doesn’t appear.

When I gave up and chattered in the hole of the tetra at my feet, I found a posh fish.

It was a tiny but very beautiful little bass.

The baby bass seem to be in the tetras.
I changed to the OSP HP Bug and started hitting a hole.

I caught a few small horse mackerel.

I caught some big smalls around me, so I shifted my aim to the offshore.
When I was drifting in the bottom of the sea with HP-Bug’s direct rig, I got a nostalgic bite.
When I matched up with it early, there was a high probability of it slipping off, so I let it bite enough before hooking it up.

Finally I got a fish of a size I could enjoy pulling.
But I had to use PE0.8 and 8-lb. leader, so if it was under 40, I had to pull out a lot of fish.

I was able to catch enough small horse mackerels and smallmouth bass to keep me going all day long after lunch.

Tetra is the best place to exercise my legs and feet after working remotely, but it is not near my house.
I’m tempted to move closer to the Tetra, whether it’s the ocean or the river.
But I can’t do the Tetra for walking the dog, lol.