February 9, 2020 [Outdoor: Skiing] Kijimadaira Ski Resort Ai Kani & Pioneer Course

The second ski this season also went to Kijimadaira Ski Resort with Yuzu.
I was looking for an inn around Nozawa Onsen because the dog was also with me, but there was a place that looked good so I made a reservation and it was Kijimadaira ski resort (laugh)

At the Kijimadaira ski resort, dogs used to be OK in the past, but now both lifts and slopes are NG.

The inn is a pension called I・Cani, and it seems that small dogs to large dogs are fine.
Dogs are OK almost everywhere from the guest room to the dining room, but care should be taken when spilling because beds and carpets are for ordinary people.

The slope is a dog NG, but you can play with snow in the surrounding area.
Yuzu also got a lot of tension.

This time, I slipped before check-in, and during that time my wife was playing with Yuzu, so I could not deposit it, but it seems that I will keep it before check-in and after check-out.

So, my fun this time is Pioneer Course.
One of the steepest slopes in Japan with an average slope of 35 degrees, a maximum slope of 45 degrees, and a distance of 870 m.
There are steep slopes everywhere, but I have never experienced such a steep slope.

It will be open only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays unless conditions are met.
Although it was not open this season due to lack of snow, it was open for the first time on Saturday the previous day and it was open on Sunday so I was able to slide.

We climb up to the top with a low-speed two-seater lift.

Get off the lift and glide a little on the hillside to get on the course.
There is no course like a forest road that goes down to the bottom, so there is no choice but to slide down a steep slope or turn back with a lift.
The course width is wide, so if you can go down the steep slopes of other ski resorts, you’ll probably get down to the bottom.
The bottom feels the steepest, so the end is pretty tight.
After that, if you come in fresh snow, you will consume physical strength in escape.

There seems to be a mountain peak course, but this time I couldn’t slide.
This course seems to have more change and is more interesting, but the danger seems to be higher.

I couldn’t afford to take a picture of slipping, but I took a video of the lift and the course, so if you have time, by all means.