January 4, 2020 [Fishing: Black Bass] Dream Lake, Ishikawa Prefecture

The beginning of fishing in 2020 is at Dream Lake, a dream lake in Ishikawa Prefecture. As the name suggests, it is a dreamlike lake that can be caught even in winter.

Although it is a management fishing area.

My wife’s home is in Ishikawa Prefecture, so when I return home during the year-end and New Year holidays, I take care of it. Recently, a famous lure maker is often used in tests, so I think many people know it. I used to trout in the past, but now I only use black bass for lures, and there are other carp fishing ponds. When my son was small, we did carp fishing together, but the carp is also interesting.

Later, there is also an amusement park called Tedori Fishland. Although it is a small amusement park, there are also ferris wheels and roller coasters. We also have a Ultraman show, so it is recommended for those with children.

Dream Lake

Introduction to Dream Lake and fishing in early 2020.

First fishing 8 years ago.

There should have been a video of carp fishing, but it was missing. I want to fish for carp.