August 1, 2020 [Fishing: Black Bass] Kayak Fishing @Lake Mishima

It’s been 6 months since I last posted.
I didn’t even go fishing at all in the spring due to the Coronavirus, and I only went to the Landing once and the floater once after that.
On the floater fishing, I was hoping for the results of repairing the waders that I wrote about before, but I failed spectacularly and my pants were soaked to the bone.

I wondered if I should buy new waders and continue the floaters, but I decided that I’d had enough of the floaters for eight years and decided to switch to kayaking.

Another major factor in my decision to kayak was my dog, Yuzu.
I plan to use it not only for fishing, but also for dates with Yuzu.
I have already prepared a life jacket for Yuzu.

I bought an inflatable kayak “Aquamarina Memba".

I wasn’t sure whether to go for a single or two-seater, but I decided to go for a single-seater as I mostly use it for fishing by myself.

My debut location was Mishima Lake in Boso, where I am used to going by floaters.
I was going to try it out at Saiko in Arakawa the week before, but it started to rain when I got close to it, so I gave it up.

I feel good.
It takes a little longer to prepare than the floater, but it’s easy not to have to wear waders.
The weight is 12kg so I can carry it by myself.

The length is not so long (330cm) but there is enough space in front and back to put my luggage on it.

The important thing is that I caught 5 fish.
It is difficult to fish while drifting through the rocky bedrock which I used to do on the floater.
This time I stuck a kayak into the grass left behind by the rising water and fished with a sinking bug lure, which is trendy these days.

I didn’t wear the keel because I didn’t think it would be that flowing, but if I did, would it be straightened out?
I’m also planning to make my own chain anchor, which is rumored to have a dramatic effect on kayak bass fishing, so maybe next time I’ll be able to fish a little more decently.

The other thing I need to do is get a kayak date with Yuzu.