September 22-23, 2019 [Camp: Gunma Prefecture] Auto Campers Area Naramata

Since GW, I went to the second camp this year. Finally, I was able to set up a new tent. The new tent is a one-pole tipy tent called green cone from the brand Robens.

Click here for tent introduction and how to set up.

This campsite is the first use. This campsite is located in Minakami City, Gunma Prefecture, and is located next to the lake. There is also a supermarket along the road from the water interchange, so you can buy just before. I was saved because I forgot the cassette cylinder.

Advance reservations are required, there are parcel sites and free sites. Since it was three consecutive holidays, there was only a free site available, and when I made a reservation, it became zero. However, there were many cancellations on the day because the weather was bad, and the free site was rattled.

The toilets are very clean with water, and there is also a management building and a kitchen. Recommended for family camps.

In the auto campers area Naramata.

This is the second camp of Yuzu. It is a campsite with a lawn and a lake nearby. Some came this day too. There are also power sites that allow pets. Recommended for pets.

It is a state of a walk with Yuzu.

I was at a loss as to whether to cancel with the rain forecast, but I enjoyed it because the rain was only at night. There is only one problem. My back was sore and it was hard to clean up. I am stretching my body so that I can camp in the future.

Recommended spots near Minakami interchange.
・ The open-air bath where you can see the waterfall of Suzumori is the best.
・Motsuni set meal restaurant Isagoya Yubara store. Cheap and delicious.