May 1-2, 2019 [Camp: Shizuoka Prefecture] Fumotoppara

I went to camp for the first time in three years. I couldn’t easily go to club activities after my son was in junior high school. Yuzu is also my first camp.

Everywhere in the GW is full, so if you thought that Fumotoppara was OK, Fumotoppara was also a GW reservation system. I made a reservation because there was some vacancy on the 30th, but it was rainy in the last weather forecast, so when I looked at the reservation site to see what to do, there was vacancy in the day so I changed it one day. I was expecting the rain to rise in the evening, but …

Arrived around 16 o’clock. It’s still raining.

Tent and tarp construction completed for the time being.

I thought it was a short while, and the gust broke the tarp, and the tent seemed to be skipped. He hurriedly hit the peg and the tent seemed to be all right, but he was struggling to reattach the tarp. The tarp gave up.

At around 21:00, the rain stopped, so I started carrying my luggage and preparing meals. I think I started eating around 22:00.

I managed to survive the first day and went to bed. It’s fine as it is! !

Next morning. Although it stopped raining, I still can’t see Mt. Fuji. I want to see Mt. Fuji because I came to Fumotoppara.

Yuzu is relaxing.

Breakfast was gorgeous because last night I couldn’t eat slowly. It was delicious.

Fuji also came out.

Camp after a long time. It was hard at night due to rain and gusts, but it was nice to see Mt. Fuji the following morning. I wonder if you could enjoy Yuzu.

I don’t know when I can go with my son, but I want to go to the camp again.